Strapped brand condoms, when used properly, will help to reduce the risk of transmission of HIV (AIDS) and many other sexually transmitted diseases, and are highly effective against pregnancy. Most people don’t realize that condoms are classified as medical devices. Whether they are used for birth control, protection from sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) such as HIV (AIDS), or both, people need to be able to trust their condoms completely. Strapped Condoms goal is to gain trust by providing the best and most reliable condoms. By our dedication to quality raw materials, advanced manufacturing processes, and strict standards of quality control, Strapped Condoms ensures that our condoms are the best available. Here’s how our condoms are produced.


Tapping of Rubber

Natural latex comes from the rubber tree with the best quality found in Malaysia. Special cells in the tree, called laticifers, produce latex, a milky sap that oozes from cuts in the tree. Rubber trees are cut at night when humidity is high, so the flow lasts longer before the cut dries. One rubbers tree yields 1/2 to 3/4 of a cup of latex each night before the cuts stop dripping. The latex is collected in the early morning.

Compounding Process

Compounding is a multi-step process in which ingredients that strengthen, preserve, and stabilize raw latex are mixed into the latex. Several unique compounds are used to make Strapped condoms.

Dipping Process

After the latex is compounded, it is dispersed in a dipping tank. Shafts called mandrills are placed into the pool of latex. The shape of the mandrill
creates the shape of the condom. After dipping, the mandrill passes through drying and curing ovens that help strengthen the condom.


Condoms are lubricated and hermetically sealed. Each condom is enclosed in its own Strapped foilwrapper.


Packaging is the final step in the production of commercially available condoms. Foil wrappers are collected and boxed by machine. The condoms are now ready to ship to customers around the world.

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