Latex Quality Testing

In this critical test, technicians analyze latex for quality before it is used to make Strapped condoms. The quality of latex determines the elasticity and strength of the condom. Only the highest grades of latex can meet the specifications for condom manufacturing.

Water Burst Test

In this test, a condom is tested to see how much water it is able to hold. Water stretches the front of the condom and weighs it down. Its ability tocontain the water and withstand the forces on it isevaluated. The results are judgedagainst national and international standards toensure the highest quality.

Tensile Test

Clamps grip segments of the condom and pull it apart. The point at which the condom snaps is recorded and reviewed to make sure that it surpasses both national and international standards. Latex condoms can stretch up to seven times their normal length. Such testing ensures the condom has the necessary elasticity and strength.

Air Burst Test

Condoms are placed over air tubes, secured, andplaced under air pressure. The amount of air the condoms can hold and air pressure they can withstand before bursting help to determine their overall strength. The results are recorded and weighed against national and international standards. Latex condoms can expand to hold 18 liters (5 gallons).

Pinhole Testing

After production, the condoms are tested. One by one, each and every condom is electronically tested for microscopic pinholes. In this test,condoms are placed over metal forms that are sent through an electrical field. The insulating characteristic of rubber allows this test to find microscopic holes and thin spots, through which electricity can pass and be detected. Pinholetesting ensures that all condoms are of the highestquality before wrapping.

Water Leakage Test

Condoms are randomly selected from production lots and tested to ensure that there are no holes. They are filled with water and blotted to make sure no water leaks out. This test confirms the earlier tests.


Aging Test

An accelerated simulation is created to mimic the effect of time on the condom. The photo shows a special oven used to control temperature and environment during this test. The results helpensure that latex condoms, when stored properly, will perform reliably.The above mention test ensure that our premium Strapped condoms are the best on the market. We are confident that you will enjoy

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